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c\temp-LCD NFC Enabled

Real-Time LCD Display for Instant Acceptance or Quarantine Decisions, and NFC capability.

Memory: 8k
Temperature Range:
-35°C TO +50°C

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ctemp-LCD NFC
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The c\temp-LCD NFC is a single-use, pre-programmed, electronic temperature data recorder with NFC capability (Multi-use units also available, please call). By holding the Android smartphone directly over the LCD display, customers can instantly interrogate the data logger and create a PDF file of the recorded temperatures, then email them anywhere in the world.
The c\temp-LCD NFC is specifically designed for measuring temperatures during the transportation of refrigerated vaccines, biological material, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and for documenting the transportation of perishable commodities. It is NIST-Traceable and comes with a Certificate of Calibration and Traceability.

Functions include:

  • Internal Thermistor: accurately records time and temperatures for pre-programmed readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • LCD display: Shows Current Temperature, Max Temperature, Minimum Temperature, Run Time, Alarm Status, and Recording.

Small Form Factor: The thumb-sized c\temp-LCD fits easily into small spaces. The real-time LCD screen provides instant TOA (Time Over Alarm) notification. c\temp-LCD has an extended battery life and can endure rough handling. The internal software records the following: start time, sampling intervals, alarm values, recording status, measurement data, software version, serial number, and model type.

Visual Alarms: All our data loggers can be programmed with alarm limits. Should the temperature reach levels outside these limits, the LCD will display “ALARM.” To start the recorder, simply press the start button!

Computer Ready: Marathon’s easy-to-use MaxiThermal software is available for Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, & 10. To download recorded information, simply plug the optional USB Cradle/Reader Station into a standard USB port on your PC. The Maxi-Thermal software and Reader Station are available separately.

Note: a minimum order consists of 20 units; product shipment is approximately three days after receipt of order.

recycleMarathon will pay a US $5rebate for each used electronic data logger (ctemp red, gray, yellow or blue) returned to us. This will help us meet our green environmental objectives and our customers will save the cost of the disposal of the electronic waste, which contains printed circuit boards and alkaline or lithium batteries. Go to the REBATE page for more information and to download the return form.

c\temp-LCD NFC– SKU #7036
Logger Category, Description Category 1. Single Use. Normal temperature data logger connects to smartphone with NFC capability and has an LCD screen for instant acceptance or quarantine decisions.
Memory/Storage 8k (approx. 8,000 data points)
Internal Sensor Nist-traceable Precision SMT Thermistor
Range: -35°C to +50°C / -31°F to +122°F
Accuracy: ±0.2°C at 0° to 10°C, ±1.0°C at extremes / ±0.36°F at 32° to 50°F, ±1.8°F at extremes
External Sensor/Probe count and connector type None
Alarm Programming Pre-programmed to your specifications. Also user configurable at any time before the logger has been started. High and low alarm limits can be set by temperature.
Alarm Modes Exceed Limit. See Alarms page for more information.
Alarm Reset Options None
Alarm Notifications On screen text. See Alarms page for more information.
Audible Alarm None
Display LCD: 3.66cm(l) x 2cm(h) / 1.44in(l) x .79in(h)
Indicators On screen text
Size and Weight 6.5 cm(l) x 3.4 cm(w) x 0.9cm (h) / 2.56 in.(l) x 1.3 in (w) x .35 in.(h)
57.7 grams / 2.0 oz.
CE Certified Yes
Water-resistant Yes, IP66 rated
Internal Firmware, Internal Clock Accuracy Internal Clock, Start/Stop time, Interval, User description, Alarm values, Recording status, Firmware version, Serial number, Model.
Clock Accuracy is better than 2 minutes per month on average at normal temperatures (-29°C to +72°C).
For loggers directly exposed to temperatures at or below -80°C, the expected accuracy is ±15 minutes per month
Measurement Intervals Programmable from 2 seconds per reading. See Duration Chart for examples.
Computer Interface (physical) Mini-USB
Data Retrieval Method Download to smartphone using NFC, or to PC using a compatible cable, reader station, and software.
Programming (Initialization) Method Comes pre-programmed to your specification. Also user programmable through smartphone using NFC, or through PC using a compatible cable, reader station, and Marathon software at any time before the logger has been started.
Wireless Connection and Range NFC
1cm. Range
Remote Monitoring and Network Connection type None
Required Accessories: Compatible Software (1 required for operation): • Maxithermal • NFC Android App (see software link at top of page)
Computer Interface (both required for operation through PC): • Standard A to Mini-B USB cableReader Station
Optional Accessories: Mounting Bracket
Included paperwork Quality Control sheet, NIST certificate, Packing List included with all purchases. See the Calibration page for more information.
Optional Paperwork Calibration Report including data included with purchase of Optional Calibration. See the Calibration page for more information.
Power Source, Battery Life and Replacement One 3.0 Volt Lithium Battery. 1 year operating life and 3 year shelf life. See Battery Performance page for more information.
Batteries are changed as part of the recommended annual re-calibration. For battery replacement only, Call for price.
Warranty 1 Year Limited Warranty

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

MaxiThermal Software

Marathon’s MaxiThermal Software for USB Data Loggers

(See next tab for NFC app information)

Marathon’s MaxiThermal Software allows you to view up to 8 multiple traces at one time, enables you to transfer the recorded information in your loggers to your computer, and to view, print and generate a report of the measurement data. The graphic representations are a simple X – Y plot of time versus temperature with unlimited zoom, view temperature data points on the graph, view total elapsed time, or the exact time when it was recorded. The graph and all data points (date, time and temperature) can be printed, as well as the ability to add a user note to the file for including information pertinent to that particular plot.
Users have the ability to view numeric data in a screen window and data can be exported as a CSV file for use in other software. Users can also create and print a Summary Information report showing the specific logger information, the Start and Stop Time, Duration of Recording, Measurement Interval, Highest, Lowest, Median and Average Temperatures as well as the High and Low Alarm information.

The data from the logger is easily downloaded to your PC via a standard USB 1.1 interface. MaxiThermal software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

NFC Capable

By holding the Android smartphone directly over the LCD display, customers can instantly interrogate the data logger and create a PDF file of the recorded temperatures, then email them anywhere in the world. Download the NFC App here.

MaxiThermal NFC phone app - Menu Screen
MaxiThermal NFC phone app - Main Screen
MaxiThermal NFC phone app - Select File
MaxiThermal NFC phone app - View Data Screen
MaxiThermal NFC phone app - General Info Screen
MaxiThermal NFC phone app - Summary Screen
MaxiThermal NFC phone app - Graph

Reader Station

Small-format Reader Station
Small-format Reader Station. Cable sold separately.

USB Cable

USB Standard A to mini B Cable
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