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Ex-Temp Validated Boxes

Insulated Dry Ice Shipping Boxes. High Performance Cooling System To Meet The  Needs of The Most Demanding Transportation Requirements for Temperature Sensitive Products.

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Download a PDF of the
Ex-Temp 20 Test Report.
Download a PDF of the Ex-Temp 3040 Test Report.


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Ex-Temp© Insulated Shippers are the best cold chain shipping and storage containers that are more reliable, durable and cost-effective than traditional disposable cold packaging.

They will protect highly-temperature sensitive shipments from moderate and extreme ambient temperature exposure on long-range journeys.

  • Available in five sizes to suit your critical shipping needs from minimum quantities of 1ml tube to maximum volume of liquid in bottles constructed of durable, 6 cm, one-piece closed-cell polyurethane foam, these insulated shippers are CFC- and HCFC-free and comply with international clean air regulations.
  • The flexible, 10 cm, polyurethane foam plug seals the top, cushions and insulates contents and are suitable to vent dry ice.The R-value is +1.5 times EPS R-value, per inch of thickness.
  • Ideal for shipping samples or bulk quantities of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and biological substances within the range of 2° to 8°C or frozen perishable goods. Passed comprehensive thermal and transit testing for summer and winter express freight ambient transit conditions.
Ex-Temp Internal Dimensions External Dimensions Gross Volumetric T-500
model cm in cm in kg lb kg lb GelPaks
20 20x20x20 7.9×7.9×7.9 32x32x36 12.6×12.6×14.2 1.70 3.74 6.00 13.20 6
30 30x30x30 11.8×11.8×11.8 42x42x46 16.5×16.5×18.1 2.40 5.28 13.50 29.70 16
3040 40x30x40 15.5×11.8×15.5 52x42x56 20.5×16.5×22.0 3.90 8.58 20.00 44.00 24
45 45x45x45 17.7×17.7×17.7 57x47x58 22.5×18.5×22.8 5.90 12.98 31.50 69.30 40
Half-Pallet Cool 60x40x58 23.6×15.5×22.8 81x61x70 31.9×24.0x27.6 12.50 27.50 69.00 151.80 18
Half Pallet Freeze 68x48x58 26.8×18.9×22.8 81x61x70 31.9×24.0x27.6 12.50 27.50 69.00 151.80 n/a

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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