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This are instructions on how the 21L CoolBoxus shipper was loaded for the ISTA 7E Summer Profile test for frozen applications. The procedure includes:

  1. one CoolBoxus 21L box,
  2. Plastic bags (9 bags for 21L),
  3. One cardboard payload box,
  4.  At least 27 lbs of dry ice pellets


  1. Assemble the CoolBoxus Shipper.
  2. Put dry ice into plastic bags provided and fold over the ends.
  3. for 21L box: at least 27lbs (9 bags @ 3lbs)
  4. if any dry ice remains, please pack into box.

Loading Instructions

Step 1: Put one 3lbs bag on bottom of insulated box.
Step 2: Put payload box on top of dry ice bag.
Step 3: Put four dry ice bags on four sides of the payload box.
Step 4: Put remaining dry ice bags on top of the payload box, and pack box with loose dry ice.
Step 5: Close lid
Step 6: Close Velcro flaps

Dry ice in bottom of box
Put one 3lbs bag of dry ice on bottom of box.
Put payload box on top of dry ice bag.
Dry ice on sides
Put 4 dry ice bags on each side, between payload box and sides of shipping box.
dry ice on top
Put remaining dry ice bags into box and pack box with loose dry ice.
Close lid
Close lid and secure velcro fasteners.
Close flaps
Close flaps and secure velcro fasteners.
Dry Ice test graph
21L Dry Ice test graph shows the payload remained within -80°C to -60°C for 120 hours.
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