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Recycling Program for Data Loggers – Valid in the USA Only

recycleAs part of our Environmental Management System we have instituted the following Recycling Program. This is only valid in the United States and its territories. For all used electronic data loggers manufactured by the company, (ctemp red, gray, yellow or blue) Marathon will pay a US $3 rebate per device for their return. This will help us meet our green environmental objectives and our customers will save the cost of the disposal of the electronic waste, which contains printed circuit boards and alkaline or lithium batteries.

Tempchecks are for single-use only. Please contact your local E-Waste for recycling of these units.

Rebate checks are payable to any company or individual as indicated on the Return Form. The cost of shipping is paid by the sender. Please allow up to 90 days for payment processing.

Return Form

Please complete the form above and attach it to your shipment.
All packages should be sent to the address listed below:

Return to:
Attn: Recycling Program
510 Corporate Drive
Graham, TX 76450

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