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micro2 -200C on shipping container iPSC, Exome Cell Storage and Data Logging One ambient temperatre sensor, and one external probe that monitors cryogenic temperatures down to -200°C to ensure the integrity of Covid vaccine serum shipments. READ MORE NEW! MaxiLog-Hx Cold chain alert. READ MORE Vibration Devices Document Vibration and more with these LCD display data loggers! READ MORE Wireless & Network Temperature Sensors Log Data with Alarm Notification via Cellphone or Email. READ MORE fresh fruit MaxiLog-PDF GEN2 Temperature Data Logging Low cost temperature monitoring -30° to +70°C. Automatic PDF report and graph creation. Agricultural Shipping READ MORE edl Cloud edl Cloud Wireless temperature & humidity monitoring with cloud data retrievel. READ MORE Dry Ice Temperature Monitoring -90°C temperature data logger for all your Covid dry ice drug shipments. Now, more than ever! READ MORE USB loggers USB Connectivity Available for Marathon’s most popular temperature data loggers. READ MORE CoolBoxus and 3CTEMP-USB Dry Ice Shipping & Temperature Monitoring Multi-use and Single-use. Covid Validated Shipping READ MORE
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