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Temperature and Humidity Mapping Services

Key Element in Risk Management

 Temperature mapping is used to generate a temperature profile for a facility. This includes warehouses, cold rooms, refrigerators, or vessels in order to ensure it maintains the temperature range required by specific temperature sensitive products. Mapping ensures that adequate systems are in place by identifying potential environmental control problems before products become ineffective or spoiled.

Mapping is an essential exercise to determine locations of real-time monitoring sensors so that critical thermal environments can be time stamped and assessed.


Marathon can offer

  • Solutions for every budget
  • Access to experts with years of experience

Our Data logging solutions offer:

  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Temperature & humidity mapping with start to stop analysis comparisons for multiple sensors by simultaneous DATE and time stamping. For instance, hundreds of loggers can be started and stopped simultaneously so all loggers can be temperature profiled at the precise date and time, mapping exercises begun and stopped!

NOW Begin your temperature mapping strategies with exact START and STOP time options.

3C\TEMP-ULTRA Laboratory Grade Temperature Data Logger
EDL-WiFi Temperature Data Logger
Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger with Probe
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