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Our Dry Ice Data Loggers Dominate Japan

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The Japanese national flag with snowflakes inside the sun motif.Learn more about why Marathon Products are held in the highest regard by one of Japan’s most illustrious sensor manufacturers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Our EDL-CO2 and C\Temp dry ice data loggers have been ranked #1 by Shinkawa Electric Company
  • Other leading semiconductor chip and chemical manufacturers have been using EDL-CO2 and C\Temp data loggers for over 25 years
  • These companies include Apple, TSMC, Hitachi, Intel, and Japan Aerospace which use Marathon Products for high-value shipments and quality control

Japan is consistently ranked among the most technologically advanced nations and is one of the world’s dominant forces in the design and production of tech of all kinds. Competition to merely get noticed in such an immensely competitive market is fierce; standing out from the crowd requires something extra special.

Marathon Products has achieved this level of distinction by becoming a trusted partner in data gathering for some of the world’s most recognizable companies, among them some of Japan’s most prominent business names. One of the many highly respected organizations connected with Marathon Products is Shinkawa Electric Company, a leader in vibration sensor technology.

Our technology was ranked first by this prestigious company, marking our data gathering solutions as among the finest available in Japan. Let’s recap Shinkawa’s impressive stature to put this achievement into perspective and spotlight some of the dry ice data loggers that make Marathon Products their preferred choice.

Shinkawa Electric Company, then and now

The company that is now one of the leading specialists in vibration monitoring began on April 1, 1927, when it was called Shinkawa Namito Shop. It opened its Osaka branch in 1947 and adopted the name Shinkawa Electric Co., Ltd. on November 2, 1951. Shinkawa’s first precision instrument factory (now known as the Hiroshima Technical Center) opened its doors in 1957.

In the following years, the company opened offices in several other locations across Japan, which now number 39 domestically and 5 internationally. In 1977, they began manufacturing displacement and vibration transducers and since then has grown to encompass eight affiliate companies around the world, including in Malaysia, Shanghai, and Vietnam, and founded Shinkawa Electric Company of America, Inc. (SECA) in 2000.

These other companies also include Shinkawa Sensor Technology (established in 1994) and Shinshin Electric Company. The parent company now has head offices in Tokyo and Hiroshima and is going from strength to strength under President and Representative Director Fumito Shinkawa, with sales of 31 billion yen for the 2021 fiscal year.

They have been certified by globally respected manufacturers, including Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba, and General Electric, among others, and their sensors are trusted to deliver vibration data on applications ranging from rail transport to rockets.

Simply put, Shinkawa knows sensors, and their seal of approval in that sector carries a great deal of weight. Marathon Products are proud recipients of their highest endorsement, so here are just a few of our data loggers that have earned such glowing praise!

Introducing our advanced dry ice data loggers

Our high-precision microelectronics provide advanced data capture abilities and superior reliability. Our solutions are trusted to deliver easily understandable and shareable information used by industries ranging from food manufacturing to pharmaceuticals for safeguarding sensitive products during shipment and storage.

Temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and vibration levels can all make or break shipments in the cold chain if they’re not precisely monitored. Each of these metrics can be captured by our highly calibrated and rigorously tested devices, which are certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Software is available to make the loggers 21 CFR compliant for FDA-approved electronic documentation and record keeping. Each of the following dry ice data loggers operates in the temperature range between –80°C to +30°C (–113°F to +86°F) and has features including start time, intervals, alarm values, and more:

  • EDL-CO2
    This compact unit has the distinction of being the first ever multi-use programmable data logger. Its advanced circuits can operate continuously for up to six months without succumbing to extreme temperatures associated with dry ice shipping or storage. This makes it perfect for blood banks, laboratories, and other cold environments where temperature excursions could prove very costly.
  • C\TempAA DLT Single-Use
    The extended battery life of this low-cost programmed electronic temperature recorder means your business can confidently monitor temperatures. Ideal for dry ice storage and shipments, this hard-wearing unit also monitors and records temperatures in Kelvin.
  • EDL-80C GEN2 Temperature Data Logger
    This cable-free unit has a built-in USB for even faster data downloads. It’s IP 66-rated for moisture resistance and can be trusted to deliver actionable data in pharmaceutical, vaccine, biologics, and other ultra-cold shipments or storage.

These are only a sample of everything Marathon Products has to offer. Our wide range of data devices offer cost-effective and versatile solutions for businesses large and small, ensuring everyone can collect and utilize the same standard of data to ensure optimum transparency and performance.

Further features that outrun the competition

Each of our three highlighted units can supply data in seven languages when paired with our MDAS-Pro software. These are English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French, with another installation program enabling Japanese and Chinese. This software lets companies manage multiple data loggers no matter where they’re located if those units have network access.

Marathon data analysis lets users transform their desktop into a showcase for each of their loggers’ information where it becomes easily visible using time stamps, graphs, and rotating 3D views. You can then print and share generated reports with other stakeholders so every link in your process chain has the performance data they need.

We give our customers further peace of mind that our data loggers perform to the highest standards by offering an optional calibration process. This goes beyond the standard calibration practices required for quality control. No matter where your company is in the world, we’re here to supply environmental sensor products you and your stakeholders can rely on.

Diverse data loggers for businesses of any size

Marathon Products are the result of 30 years of industry experience, designed to help your business stay informed and competitive. We supply solutions to fit every budget, so just contact us at or call 510-562-6450 for more information!

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