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Download the installation software (setup_edl_Global.exe)
It includes the following:
• c\temp+ (read only, installed by default)
• MDAS-Pro
• MDAS-Pro with Networked Loggers
• 21CFR View (read only)
• 21CFR LE
The first time setup_edl_Global.exe is run on the computer, the installed program will, by default, start in the “c\temp+” configuration.
To upgrade the capabilities of the software, an upgrade code is needed. To upgrade the software select Help >> Upgrade Code… on the menu bar. You will see a form similar to this:

The Upgrade Code Screenshot will open.
Upgrade Code Screenshot

Enter or paste in the code and select which types of loggers you will be using. Selections here will determine what shows up on the menu bar (can be changed later by selecting File >> Preferences… on the menu bar). Note that several logger types have been combined into one menu item, this can be unbundled by selecting the individual types.
Click “Ok” and the software will restart in the new configuration.

If this installation is an update (i.e. of setup_edl_Global.exe) the previous configuration will carry over to the new installation.
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