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December 2012

NIH Virus Research Center orders Marathon EDL-CO2 and microDL-200C electronic data loggers for biological studies.

Moses Lake Industries orders additional EDL-Net products for remote temperature monitoring.

Marathon introduces the EDL-RTD2 and EDL-LN2, 2-channel high temperature and -200C data loggers with large LCD screens for easy viewing and with built-in piezoelectric buzzers.

NADRO – Mexico
Marathon completes installation of 100 EDL-M5 wireless data loggers for 18 remote sites for monitoring warehouse operations of vaccines, medicines for Mexico’s largest distributor of clinical supplies.

November 2012

Nu Skin orders Marathon EDL-Net data loggers for remote monitoring of raw materials and finished products for beauty applications.

University of Maryland School of Medicine orders Marathon microDL portable LCD loggers and EDL-WiFi data loggers for monitoring laboratory refrigerators and freezers.

September 2012

Marathon introduces 2c\temp-RH with 32 K memory USB data loggers for temperature and humidity data logging applications.

August 2012

Moses Lake Industries orders Marathon EDL-Net remote data loggers for raw materials and finished product monitoring.

US Pharmacopeial Convention orders Marathon microDL data loggers for monitoring drug and sample storage applications.

March 2012

John Hopkins University School of Medicine orders Marathon microDL-200C data loggers for shipment and storage applications.

University of Colorado orders Marathon microDL-200C loggers for monitoring blood and biological shipments.

February 2012

Marathon introduces Marathon Logger Pulse, an Enterprise Software Package for managing the cold chain. Now see all your remote sites in real time with instant alarm notifications via cell phone and or email to multiple addresses. 21 CFR compliant with an unlimited number of users and simultaneous access to data in real time utilizing Marathon’s precision data capture technology.

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