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NASA – Mountain View, California

National Aeronautics and Space Administration We are pleased to announce that NASA in Mountain View, California has successfully installed six (6) temperature data logging 900 Mhz "2-way" transceivers at their Food Commissary for HACCP regulation. Now should refrigerators not be holding proper…

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Marathon EDL-4S Data Logger goes into space.

NanoLab will house a device (edl-XYZ Data Logger provided by Marathon Products, Inc.) to measure the payload’s temperature, relative humidity, and acceleration in the X, Y, and Z directions that the NanoLab will experience during the different phases of the 11-12 minutes suborbital mission.
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HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)

Quality assurance has specific meanings in different industries. In general, quality assurance is the term used for the various measures taken to monitor products and services to increase the likelihood of their being safe, effective, and marketable. Monitoring should be done during processing, shipment, and storage. Quality assurance managers are prominent in the food industry and in non-food industries such as pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, etc.

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Center for Disease Control (CDC) tests using the Marathon’s TempCheck Chart Recorder

Center for Disease Control (CDC) – Validation of cold chain procedures suitable for distribution of vaccines by public health programs in the USA.

“To enhance quality assurance of vaccine distribution by public health programs in the U.S., various methods for packing vaccines were validated. Validation involved both tests in an environmental chamber and actual shipping of packages by commercial overnight delivery service. Dry ice was used with vaccines needing to be kept at temperatures lower than -14°C, and water-based cold packs with other vaccines.”

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Scientists take temperature of Yellowstone Geysers

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, Wyo. -- A new sensor network installed in Yellowstone National Park this summer will provide scientists and the public near “real-time” data on what’s happening in one of the nation’s most active geyser basins. The network, operated…

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Older News

December 2012 NIH Virus Research Center orders Marathon EDL-CO2 and microDL-200C electronic data loggers for biological studies. Moses Lake Industries orders additional EDL-Net products for remote temperature monitoring. Marathon introduces the EDL-RTD2 and EDL-LN2, 2-channel high temperature and -200C data…

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