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8 Bankable Benefits of the Micro2 Temperature Data Logger

micro2 data logger with USB reading station.
Temperature data loggers (TDL) are vital to maintaining product integrity, safety, and profit margins. The quality of the TDL will determine the efficiency of the monitoring process – a feat the micro2 TDL has accomplished. Discover eight benefits of the micro2 temperature data logger.

Key Takeaways:

  • The micro2 earns its name due to its size – no larger than a coin
  • Its LCD screen ensures easy viewing of critical temperature and unit operating data
  • The micro2 operates at temperatures of between –29°C to +72°C.

TDLs are indispensable tools for environmentally sensitive products. Industries like pharmaceuticals, food, and agriculture depend on temperature data to preserve product integrity, consumer protection, and profit margins.

These companies need a TDL that operates as effectively during product transportation as it does in storage. The micro2 TDL from Marathon Products delivers everything required in both instances while adding many more valuable features. 

This coin-sized, multi-use data logger has many advantages over other products, making it the ideal tool for cold chain monitoring. Discover eight benefits of the micro2 temperature data logger and how to implement them.

1. Compact-sized and lightweight

With a diameter of 2.8 cm/1.1 in and a height of 1.1 cm/0.4 in, micro2 is a coin-sized TDL. This makes it highly portable and ideal for tight space usage.

The micro2 data logger is also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at less than a gram. As a result, it’s easily portable, making it great for products that need temperature monitoring while in transit. It’s perfect to package with other colder chain monitoring devices like CoolBoxus validated shipping boxes.

2. High-temperature range

Using a data logger with a small or limited temperature range can be frustrating, especially when dealing with critically temperature-sensitive items. This means when the data logger reaches its limit, it will cease recording data, which can lead to many transport problems.

The micro2 TDL boasts temperature monitoring ranges between –29°C to +72°C. This wide range is more than enough to accommodate most industrial applications of data loggers.

3. High memory

Despite its small size, the micro2 TDL has many high-tech features, including 8k of memory – enough to store up to 8,000 measurements.

This feature is vital when taking multiple measurements quickly and efficiently. You don’t have to write down each measurement. Instead, the device does it for you so you can easily access them later.

4. USB reader station

If you have to monitor a product’s temperature, you know it’s a long and monotonous task, especially if you manually note the temperatures and then transfer them to a computer.

The micro2 solves this problem with a USB accessory that allows you to connect it directly to your computer. This will enable you to transfer all your readings at the touch of a button.

5. User-friendly software

The micro2 TDL has user-friendly software. For instance, the MaxiThermal2 software for USB data loggers is compatible with all our USB data loggers, including the micro2.

The software lets you view up to eight traces simultaneously and transfer the data to your computer. It’s easy to use, and the graphic representations are a simple X-Y plot of time against temperature. It also has zoom, to get as accurate as you need.

The software gives summary information, such as your data logger’s specifications, the duration of recording, start and stop time, highest, lowest, median temperatures, and other relevant data. You can also download the data in the software as a CSV file to view it in another program.

The MaxiThermal2 software is easy to install and is compatible with all Windows versions. However, it’s important to note that the MaxiThermal2 software is not 21CFR Part 11 Compliant. If you’re in the biotech or pharmaceutical industry, we recommend using our 21FCR part 11 compliant software, which is also compatible with our micro2 data logger.

6. Long battery life

Since the micro2 TDL is designed to be used on the go, it must have a long battery life. It has one CR2032 battery, with an estimated battery life of three years. 

However, micro2 batteries are changed annually for the recommended annual recalibration. As a result, you can expect healthy battery life on your micro2 even if you use it regularly.

7. Multiple start modes

You can configure the micro2 TDL to log immediately upon activation or at other preferred times. This is a handy feature if you need to measure temperature at particular times of the day.

It will also give you accurate results where you need the time between measurements to be exact.

8. High accuracy

Speaking of accuracy, data loggers are used in essential industries like medical and biotech fields. These industries require highly accurate readings, as a slight miscalculation could have far-reaching effects.

The micro2 TDL has an accuracy of ±0.2° C from 0° C to 10° C, ±0.5° C at extremes, ±0.36° F from 32° F to 50° F, ±0.9° F at extremes. This allows you to work with the logger to monitor temperature-sensitive products.

It also has an LCD screen that lets you see the real-time logging information. The display is also durable, making it perfect for harsh temperatures.

Apart from readings, you can use the LCD to configure multiple logging intervals and multiple start modes and reset the alarm.

Get your high-quality micro2 TDL from Marathon Products

No matter your industry, temperature data loggers are crucial for storing and distributing temperature-sensitive products. No TDL can perform this role better than the micro2 from Marathon Products. 

As a leading environmental precision device provider, we are committed to delivering high-quality data loggers. Our micro2 TDL has helpful and advanced features to streamline your temperature monitoring efforts. 

Call us today to discover more about our solutions and expertise. 

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