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Top 5 Ways Grocery Stores Can Benefit from Marathon Products

The MaxiLog electronic temperature data recorder Marathon Products.Businesses in the retail food sector deal with temperature-sensitive products that can deteriorate in quality if not kept at the correct temperature. The consequences often include lost profits, customers, and, worse, a damaged reputation. Here is how Marathon Products is changing the narrative and eliminating these risks.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Grocery stores handle temperature-sensitive items that can get damaged under incorrect temperatures.
  • The effects mean compliance violations, risking public health, lost profits, and customers.
  • Marathon Products offers food safety management tools like temperature sensors and data loggers, which help eliminate these risks.

Dealing with perishable goods can be quite a hassle, especially when most of your inventory can quickly go bad due to a slight temperature variation. Of course, this results in product losses, and worse, lost customers and tainted reputation.  

Grocery stores across the U.S. throw away up to 30% of food in stock, generating up to 16 billion pounds of waste yearly. 

To curb these losses, many grocery stores have adopted temperature monitoring technology to track products’ temperature. But, to do this effectively, you need a reliable partner like Marathon Products – a leading provider of high-quality, accurate, and thoroughly tested environmental temperature sensors. 

Our precision temperature sensors and data loggers don’t just keep your stock in the ideal temperature range. They can also help streamline other business areas, including stock replenishment and customer service. Here are five ways the retail food sector can benefit from Marathon Products.

Get real-time temperature monitoring and alerts

Temperature monitoring isn’t just something grocery stores do to ensure the longevity of their products – it’s a regulatory requirement. A simple thermometer for your refrigeration unit might be enough to get the inspector off your back. But does it hold up when it comes to doing its actual job – monitoring?

Suppose you’re using a traditional bimetallic thermometer or a simple digital thermometer. In that case, you may not get the required temperature for your products.

You need a food management system that accurately measures, records, and provides prompt alerts on any potentially dangerous temperature variations. And our products are specially designed to do just that. For instance, our 2C\TEMP-RH offers a cost-effective solution for all your temperature monitoring and data logging needs.

It can accurately measure temperature and humidity and provide alerts whenever the temperature rises above set limits. This helps ensure that your stock is always in the ideal temperature range and can also help you quickly identify and address any issues that arise, such as a malfunctioning refrigerator or a door left open.

Get automated temperature logging capabilities

Today customers want food that looks not only fresh but also tastes good. Unfortunately, getting this level of trust is more complex as customers won’t simply take your word for it. They want results – consistent results. 

The best and most effective way to guarantee consistency in the quality of your food products is constant monitoring. But it doesn’t just end there. You also have to log your temperature data to develop better preservation strategies.

Marathon Products devices like the edl Temperature Data Logger can help you automatically monitor and log temperature data. This means you can quickly identify pain points in your food storage infrastructure, stay compliant, and ensure food safety, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Save on operational costs

Food recalls cost the retail food sector up to $10 billion annually in direct costs alone. That’s not accounting for the lost business due to dissatisfied customers and the cost to the business’s reputation. 

By using Marathon Products’ devices such as the 3c\temp Temperature Logger, grocery stores can effectively monitor and log all temperature data. This comes with numerous benefits, including a reduction in the level of food wastage, increased energy efficiency, and even inventory management.

Eliminating all these bottlenecks can save you the costs associated with replenishing wasted stock and unnecessarily high energy bills due to energy inefficiencies in refrigeration units. Temperature loggers can also provide data for auditing and compliance checks, which can help identify further opportunities for cost savings.

Improve customer satisfaction

A negative customer review can quickly kill a business in the retail food sector faster. Worse, companies don’t get the chance to defend themselves effectively. The only way to mitigate this risk is to avoid getting into such situations in the first place.

So, how can you improve customer satisfaction and avoid bad reviews? The best place to start is by offering good customer service. But that can only go so far – you must also sell consistently fresh, high-quality food. 

At Marathon Products, we understand these pain points. That’s why we create products ideally suited to avoid them in the first place. Take our MaxiLog electronic temperature data recorder, for instance, which can accurately display and record storage temperatures in your refrigeration units.

With this data, you can effectively preserve your food, thus ensuring it’s safe for consumption. In time, you can improve customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty, leading to increased sales and revenue. 

Improve energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a top concern for businesses looking to cut operational costs. As a not-so-mechanized industry, the retail food sector only has to deal with a few pain points – but that doesn’t mean fewer losses. On the contrary, faulty refrigeration equipment and employee mishaps, like leaving the door open, account for most of your energy bills.

On the upside, you can cut most of these costs by investing in temperature monitoring devices like the ECHO temperature data logger. Besides logging your temperature data, this device has an audible alarm that works perfectly, even in noisy places like a busy grocery store.

By installing this device, you can effectively eliminate energy losses due to employee mishaps and gain valuable insights into faulty refrigeration equipment that could be burning a hole through your pocket. Ultimately, you’ll be able to cut energy costs and devise better energy-saving refrigeration practices.

Keep your groceries fresher with Marathon Products

One of the biggest issues facing the retail food sector is waste, which accounts for much of the financial loss incurred by groceries. Fortunately, you can eliminate some of these needless losses with temperature monitoring devices from Marathon Products. 

We offer high-precision and reliable temperature sensors and data loggers key to minimizing losses and improving product freshness, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and sales. 

If you’re ready to leverage temperature sensor technology to revolutionize your grocery business, contact Marathon Products today. Our customized and affordable products can help your products stay fresher for longer. 

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