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How Can Marathon Products Help Workers in Your Labor Force Be More Successful?

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Marathon Products’ 3C\TEMP-RH Temperature & Humidity Logger.
Our products provide the best performance, usability, customization, efficiency, and flexibility to maximize the productivity of your workforce.

Key Takeaways:

  • The tried and tested devices from Marathon Products offer superior performance with guaranteed accurate readings, helping your workers maintain the quality and freshness of temperature-sensitive products
  • They’re also easy to install and use, which means less hassle for your workers 
  • Our devices can be customized for a wide range of environments and requirements
  • Partnering with Marathon Products can result in time savings and significantly reduced labor costs
  • Remote monitoring can boost your employees’ flexibility

For organizations in the cold chain industry, proper temperature monitoring and food safety technology is essential for product quality and FSMA compliance. However, it can also improve your employees’ productivity. 

Here are five ways Marathon Products can help workers in your labor force become more successful when handling sensitive products:

1. Superior performance

One of the biggest challenges for companies operating in the temperature-controlled supply chain is the accuracy of readings. Sustaining product quality and freshness is highly dependent on temperature mapping and getting the correct readings of your product’s environment. But this isn’t possible without the right technology.

If you’re using manual logging to monitor your product’s environment, you know how prone to errors this approach can be. Missed and inaccurate readings are just a few examples of the issues you are likely to deal with daily. In addition, it’s cumbersome and takes up time your workers can better use elsewhere. Unreliable devices can have similar effects on your business.

Marathon Products can help you eliminate these problems with our tried and tested data loggers. For the last 30 years, we’ve been continually improving our devices’ performance with a focus on accuracy and functionality. As a result, we’re able to offer the highest quality environmental sensor products in the market.

All our data loggers are 100 percent tested for accuracy and reliability in low- and high-temperature applications and have in-built calibration for optimum performance. They are also compliant with Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations and come with a National Institute of Standards in Technology traceable certificate.

Ultimately, Marathon Products equips your workers with the right tools for the job, allowing them to make better decisions and become more effective.

2. Easy implementation

Companies are often reluctant to retrofit their temperature monitoring solutions because of the business impact they may have. In the past, temperature monitoring solutions such as sensors required a lot of time to install – in some cases taking up to an entire day. With a chain of 30 retail stores or a fleet of 30 trucks, that would have meant a full month of lost productivity for workers.

However, with products like the 3C\TEMP-RH Temperature & Humidity Logger, pharmaceutical, retail, food service, and logistics companies can set up the monitoring environments in minutes. There’s no-time consuming threading of wires or drilling needed. Just look for an optimal location for the device, attach it, and your employees can get to work.

The device also has a simple LCD that’s very convenient when managing, controlling, and documenting environmental conditions. It allows your employees to quickly view the recording and alarm status, run time, and max/min temperatures in real-time. As a result, they can easily catch temperature and humidity anomalies as soon as they occur and prevent damage to your products.

In addition, our MaxiThermal2 software – which allows you to transfer your data logger’s recordings to your PC for viewing, analysis, and printing – is compatible with a wide range of Windows OS, including Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP, making it very convenient to use.

3. Personalization

One thing that makes our products unique is that they can be customized to a wide range of monitoring requirements. For example, our mid-range temperature data logger, ECHO, comes with programmable internal firmware and software with adjustable settings for outside storage locations, refrigerated rooms, and cold storage areas. This enables your employees to keep products in the proper condition, no matter the environment.

4. Cost and time efficiency

Our environment monitoring solutions are relatively inexpensive compared to alternatives. For example, it can help eliminate the opportunity cost of having your employees manually check and record temperature readings. As a result, they can use their time more efficiently by directing their focus to more important issues.

The products themselves are also very affordable to acquire and maintain. There are virtually no maintenance costs after the initial purchase other than minor ongoing monitoring costs. For example, the battery of most devices, such as the 3c\temp Temperature Logger, can last up to two years. Therefore, you won’t have to change your batteries every so often or worry about your devices failing to monitor temperature during critical moments because they ran out of power.

5. Flexibility

Marathon Products’ loggers allow your workers to monitor multiple locations, rooms, buildings, and floors in real-time via an internet connection or a local network from anywhere in the world. They can also program them to detect power outages and temperature excursions and send email/phone notifications whenever these parameters fall out of predefined limits. Therefore, not only do our devices improve your workers’ flexibility, but they can also increase their responsiveness to issues as they occur.

Get started with Marathon Product’s cutting-edge solutions

Marathon Products is the leading provider of precision environmental monitoring solutions for organizations in the cold chain industry. Our product selection includes CO2 sensors, vibration sensors, temperature/humidity data loggers, and a range of other high-quality products that can maximize your organization’s productivity and help you remain FSMA compliant.

Some of the organizations that trust Marathon Products to help their labor force be more successful include:

  • Harvard Medical School
  • Stanford Hospital and Clinics
  • National Cancer Institute
  • 3M
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)

Whether you need reliable environmental sensor products for storage, transportation, or shipping, Marathon Products can help. Get in touch with us via 1-800-858-6872 or email us at to learn more. 

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