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Temperature Data Collecting Devices 101: A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Marathon Products

A Marathon Products 2c\temp data logger.For over 30 years, Marathon Products has been the go-to choice for businesses needing accurate and efficient temperature monitoring devices. This detailed guide serves as your temperature data collecting devices 101 course!

Key Takeaways

  • Getting started with temperature data collecting devices gets more manageable with the assistance of Marathon Products.
  • Discover in detail what temperature data collecting devices are, the options available, and the attributes making them unique.
  • There are countless benefits of using Marathon Products’ temperature data collecting devices, and they have the expertise and dedication to help you get started.

Now more than ever, keeping things at the right temperature in the cold chain is crucial, especially for the healthcare and food service industries. The slightest temperature excursion can result in product spoilage, decreased effectiveness, and health complications.

That is why temperature monitoring in the cold chain industry is a requirement for protecting consumers and the business itself. But, with so much at stake, who can you trust with this burden? Of course, Marathon Products – is the renowned expert in providing highly reliable and quality temperature data collecting devices. 

Let’s learn more about Marathon Products’ temperature data collecting devices 101 and how they simplify temperature monitoring. 

Types of temperature data collecting devices

Temperature data refers to the records of temperature readings collected over time to help businesses monitor and maintain optimal temperatures in the cold chain.

And there are several temperature data devices available, each with unique features and advantages. Some of the most common types include the following:

-Data loggers

These small, battery-powered devices monitor and record temperature data over a set period. They’re typically designed to be used in specific environments and can be configured to measure temperature at particular intervals. 

Data loggers are often used for monitoring temperature in warehouses, cold storage rooms, and refrigerated transport.

-Wireless sensors

Wireless sensors are a more recent innovation that has quickly gained popularity in temperature monitoring. They work by wirelessly transmitting temperature readings to a central monitoring system. 

This allows businesses to monitor temperatures in real-time and respond to excursion cases quickly. Wireless sensors are usually used primarily in large facilities, where multiple temperature points must be monitored simultaneously.

-Infrared thermometers

Infrared thermometers are non-contact devices that measure temperature by detecting infrared energy. They are commonly used to measure the temperature of surfaces, such as food products or equipment.

Understanding the different types of temperature data collecting devices is critical for businesses that rely on accurate temperature monitoring to ensure product safety and quality. This is an excellent way to provide accurate, reliable temperature monitoring for regulatory compliance and protecting your products and customers. 

Temperature data devices from Marathon Products

Marathon Products provides high-quality data-logging devices for temperature monitoring across various industries. Some of them include the following:     

-Laboratories and pharmaceuticals

One of the best data loggers for laboratories and pharmaceutical supplies is the EDL-CO2 Temperature Logger, which often guarantees accurate and reliable temperature data collection. 

This device has 8,000 data points EEPROM capacity, allowing for extended monitoring periods. The device has an external probe that enables precise and stable measurements and a user-friendly interface for easy data management.

-Blood banks

Blood banks also include the critical sectors that require temperature data collecting devices from Marathon Products. And our 2C\TEMP-RH multi-use data logger offers a budget-friendly solution for monitoring temperature in refrigerated vaccines and blood banks. 

This cutting-edge device boasts a 0.2°C midpoint temperature accuracy and resolution, and 3% midpoint humidity accuracy, making it one of the top-of-the-line data loggers on the market. 

The ultra-convenient palm-sized design includes a digital display that provides real-time viewing of all temperature and humidity information. The display shows min/max temperature and current humidity values during operation, allowing immediate product acceptance or “quarantine” decisions. 

The internal thermistor accurately records temperature data types for user-programmable readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The internal software is also user-programmable and offers start time delay, sampling intervals, high and low alarm values, recording status, and measurement data.

-Temperature data collection in hospitals

Our EDL-BT04 is an innovative wireless temperature and RH data logger that uses advanced Bluetooth 4.0 technology for hospitals. This device is engineered with the latest Nordic N51822 chip design, making it easy to obtain temperature and RH measurements on Android phones. With storage capacity for up to 15,000 data points, users can effortlessly capture, store, and analyze crucial data.

-Food manufacturing/shipment

The Maxilog-PDF logger is the perfect solution for cold chain applications involving refrigerated seafood, meat, and other temperature-sensitive food shipments. With 90 days of continuous temperature recording, the logger is programmed to adjust to the internal temperature of the shipped cargo, thanks to its 30-minute start delay.

This compact and lightweight logger can fit easily into small packages, eliminating the need for special software or drivers to set up and download temperature-time-stamped data. Upon plugging into a USB port, the logger automatically downloads the data to a graph, summary information, and tabular results file.

The logger acts as a mass storage device with storage of 12,900 data points, and its 10-minute measurement intervals make it an effective monitoring tool for all your shipments.

These are only a handful of the many outstanding devices from Marathon Products – there is so much more they have to offer. Read on to learn more!

Bolster your temperature data collecting efforts with Marathon Products

At Marathon Products, we understand the challenges of temperature monitoring and data collection and have the solutions to help you navigate them. Our goals include accuracy, reliability, and compliance with industry regulations. 

As a company specializing in precision environmental service for over 30 years, we pride ourselves on the highest standards for temperature monitoring and data collecting devices. 

Choosing Marathon Products’ temperature data devices means ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Our devices are calibrated to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable standards, ensuring that your data is accurate and reliable. 

Plus, our temperature data devices can save you time and money through efficient temperature monitoring. Our devices have long battery life, allowing continuous monitoring without needing battery replacements. This even eliminates manual temperature monitoring, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Most importantly, our temperature data devices help improve product quality and safety. This allows for real-time monitoring and alerts, enabling you to take corrective action before product quality is compromised.

Choose Marathon Products today and take the first step toward efficient and reliable temperature monitoring. Contact us now to get started.

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