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microDL-80°C Digital Display Temperature Logger

Record and Log Ultra-low Temperatures in Shipments, Refrigerators or Freezers. The compact, coin-sized microDL-80°C is the industry standard for monitoring dry ice temperatures.

Available Memory Sizes: 8k, 32k or 64k.
Temperature Range:  -80°C to +30°C

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The multi-use microDL-80°C digital display technology operates at ultra-low temperatures of -80°C (-112°F). The compact, coin-sized unit with the external thermistor probe can now help you verify that internal temperatures of your dry ice packages meet specifications prior to acceptance of your shipment. Simply push the start button to view critical temperature information upon arrivals. With optional memory sizes of 8k, 32k and 64k, and a one meter long flexible ribbon probe this product is the answer for data logging ultra-low temperature freezers or dry ice shipments. Custom configurations are available, just ask.

Flexible: Pressing the button will display the following visual information, whether or not the logger is recording: Current Temperature, Elapsed Time in Days, MKT (Mean Kinetic Temperature), High Temperature, Low Temperature, Alarm Time Over High Temperature, Alarm Time Below Low Temperature, and Alarm Conditions.

Customizable settings include: Delay to Start, Stop, Elapsed Time as well as customizable sampling time intervals. Also available: User Descriptions for initialization and for downloading the data.

Visual Alarms: All our data loggers have the ability to program alarm limits. Should the temperature reach levels outside these limits, the digital display will show a notice until reset by the user. Alarm conditions can be programmed for start/delay, high/low, continuous or cumulative time over alarm. Push the start button to view critical temperature information anytime.

Computer Ready: You can download the recording to your PC and plot the data, at any time. Our proprietary microDL USB Reader is needed to download temperature information to a computer. Marathon’s easy-to-use MDAS-Pro software is available for PCs running Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and  7, 8 & 10. 21CFR compliant software is available with full database capabilities.

Display Examples

Press the Start button to see the following information display with each press of the start button:

1. REC – 8.6C

shows RECording and current temperature

2. RUN – 11 D

shows elapsed time in days

3. MKT – 9.1C

shows mean kinetic temperature (available on silver model only)

4. HI – 15.2C

shows alarm has occurred and high temperature

5. LOW – 8.2C

shows alarm has occurred and low temperature

6. HI HR – 0.3

shows alarm time hours over high threshold

7. LOW HR – 1.1

shows alarm time hours over low threshold

8. 14.9C

Push to return to current temperature

microDL Specifications
Temperature Sensor Thermistor
Measurement Intervals User programmable from 2 seconds to months, depending on memory.
See Duration Chart for examples.
Power Source (2) 3 volt lithium coin cells. 10 year shelf life with approximately 3 years in continuous operating mode.
alarm Limits High and Low alarms set by temperature and time
Size Diameter: 2.86cm / 1.25in.
Height: 1.4cm / 0.5in.
Water Resistant Yes
Interface USB 1.1 Port Interface
CE Certified Yes
Waterproof Yes
MDAS-Pro Software
(Not 21CFR Part 11 compliant. Click here for 21CFR Part 11 Compliant Software)
Report Summary & Statistics  •File Manager  •Note Attachment  •Zoom  •Elapsed Time view or Date/Time Recorded view  •Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin display  •3D view option
Options MDAS-Pro Software
Reader Station

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Model Number
SKU Number
EEPROM Memory 8k 32k 64k
Temperature Range: Low to High -80°C to +30°C

-112°F to +86°F

-80°C to +30°C

-112°F to +86°F

-80°C to +30°C

-112°F to +86°F

Temperature Accuracy: At zero
At Extremes
0.5°C / 1.0°F

1.0°C / 2.0°F

0.5°C / 1.0°F

1.0°C / 2.0°F

0.5°C / 1.0°F

1.0°C / 2.0°F

Stainless Steel Backs Yes Yes Yes
Variable Memory No No Yes
Continuous Memory Yes Yes Yes
Mean Kinetic Temperature Yes Yes Yes
Weight 17g / 0.6 oz 17g / 0.6 oz 17g / 0.6 oz
Warranty 12 months 12 months 24 months

Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

MDAS-Pro Software

Centralized Monitoring:

Our MDAS-Pro software is the ideal solution for managing and analyzing data from multiple data loggers from multiple locations. With IP Address access MDAS-Pro is location independent so data loggers located anywhere can be centrally monitored and managed.

Marathon’s Data Analysis Software (MDAS) allows you to view up to 16 multiple traces at one time, enables you to transfer the information recorded in the logger to your computer, and to view, print and generate a report of the measurement data. The graphic representations include rotating 3D views, unlimited zooms, view temperature data points on the graph, view the total elapsed time or the exact time when it was recorded.

The graph and all data points (date, time and temperature) can be printed, as well as the ability to add a Note to the file for including information pertinent to that graphic trace. Users have the ability to view the numeric data within a screen window, calculate the Mean Kinetic Temperature of the recording as well as export data in a CSV format. A summary report showing the Start and Stop Time, High, Low, Median and Average temperatures as well as the Alarm information is also displayed. The data from the logger is downloaded to your PC via our proprietary RS232 serial interface cable or USB interface.

MDAS-Pro offers language support for English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. A separate installation program for Chinese and Japanese is also available on the CD-ROM with this version of the software. The software has been designed for the Microsoft operating system platforms and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Stainless Steel Probe Standard Stainless Steel Probe (SSP) SKU#
Length 15.24 cm / 6 in. (custom lengths available)
Diameter 3.49 mm / 0.136 in.
Micro Probe Micro Stainless Steel Probe (MP) SKU#
Length 7.06 cm / 2.78 in. (custom lengths available)
Diameter 3.49 mm / 0.136 in.
Flat Flex Polyester Probe Flat Flex Probe (FP) SKU#
Length 61 cm / 24 in. (custom lengths available)
Width 0.76 cm / 0.3 in.
Detachable Flat Flex Probe Detachable Flat Flex Probe (RJ-11) SKU#8074
Length 66.04 cm / 26 in. (custom lengths available)
Width 0.76 cm / 0.3 in.
Flexible Teflon Probe Flexible Teflon Probe with Stainless Steel Tip (FTP) SKU#8105
Total Length 50.8 cm / 20 in. (custom lengths available)
Stainless Steel Tip 15.24 mm / 6 in.
Diameter 3.49 mm / 0.136 in.
microDL Reader Station microDL Reader Station SKU#8020
Interface SB, Version 1.1 Compliant
Height 24 mm / 0.96 in.
Diameter 44.84 mm / 1.76 in.
Cable length 81.3 cm / 32 in.
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