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Rush University Medical Center Real-Time Documentation with EDL-RF2 Temperature Data Logger

Lakshmi Sharma - IVF Lab Manager Rush University Medical CenterLakshmi Sharma, IVF Lab Manager of Rush University Medical Center has this to say about using Marathon Products EDL-RF2 data Logger.

“Marathon Products’ EDL-RF2 data logging system frees up valuable time in the morning by providing a hands-off approach to QC, where I can check real-time temperatures of my incubators and record this data in the computer for documentation. Easy retrieval of this data during inspection and its simplicity of use make it ideal for the IVF laboratory needs.”

I have purchased a wireless real-time data logging system for temperature RF ELD-RF2 system from Marathon Products. This system allows for quick and easy QC of my incubators with access to data at any time of the day. It is cost-effective and NIST-certified. I would strongly recommend it for accurate QC and calibration of your incubators.”

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