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The most reliable way to ship critical Covid vaccine materials and biologics with CoolBoxus shipping containers and Marathon Products dry ice temperature data loggers.

Test Loading Instructions

IMPORTANT! Follow the proper loading methods to ensure optimal temperature consistency during shipment.


  1. Please note that these instructions are provided for reference only and is not intended to guarantee fitness of use for any particular application.
  2. Please take necessary precautions when handling cold objects such as dry ice and frozen gel packs.
  3. Please make sure that the boxes are assembled properly and there are no gaps when closed.
  4. When shipping 2-8C products, please ensure that the payload only comes in contact with the chilled gel packs.
  5. We recommend that you label the Gel Packs to indicate whether they are frozen or chilled to avoid any confusion.
Four sizes of CoolBoxus shippers

29L CoolBoxus Loading Instructions

21L CoolBoxus Loading Instructions

15L CoolBoxus Loading Instructions

7L CoolBoxus Loading Instructions

Assembly Instructions

Flat CoolBoxus Shipper
Shipper folds down to a more compact size, saving warehouse space.
Remove velcro straps
To begin assembly, remove velcro straps.
Expand box
Expand box to full size.
Swivel on side
Swivel the first styrofoam panel out to the side of the box.
swivel other side
Swivel the next piece of styrofoam out to the opposide side.
Swivel bottom
Swivel the third piece of styrofoam down into the bottom of the box.
Close lid
Close lid over top of box and secure on velcro.
close flaps
Fold side flaps over on top of the box and secure on velcro fasteners.
complete box
The final assembled box, ready to load for shipping.
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